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Upholstered Beds - The Soft Luxury In the Bedroom


Bennet Bed Upholstered

Upholstered beds create a stylish retreat in the bedroom. Are you seeking an easy update in the bedroom to make a big impact? Here are two of our favorites combining an upholstered headboard with a beautiful wood frame that would create a focal point for the master bedroom sanctuary of your dreams:

Bennett Bed Upholstered Luxe

Above: Bennett Bed Upholstered Luxe in Shell Grey with Oatmeal Linen Upholstery complements traditional and contemporary interiors with its simple bed frame and unique carvings.

Swedish Bed Upholstered LuxeSwedish Bed Upholstered Luxe

Above: Swedish Bed Upholstered Luxe in Beachwood with Oatmeal Linen Upholstery puts a modern spin on cottage chic with sharp tapered legs and subtle decorative accents.

A welcoming space for relaxing and unwinding, your bed should feel like a peaceful oasis. Let Coach Barn's inspiring Cottage House Collection featuring the Redford House line create your stylish haven!

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