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Q: Can I get any finish, color, fabric and/or samples?

A: Determine what collection your furniture piece is in from the product detail page. View finishes by clicking either the Cottage House Collection, OBD Designs Collection, European Reproduction Collection, Cottage Collection, Coastal Cottage Collection or Outdoor Furniture Collection links under the Colors and Options Category located in the left column and also in each detailed item description. Most finishes are available on most pieces with a few exceptions. Final selection of color and finish reflects your own personal taste and is the sole responsibility of our customers to decide what best works for them. However, we would be happy to offer you our decorating advise. You can order up to 3 color samples from our European Reproduction Collection, Cottage Collection, Coastal Cottage Collection, OBD Designs Collection, Cottage House Collection, CB Upholstered Collection and Outdoor Furniture Collection for a deposit of $24.95 which is refundable (minus shipping) once the samples are returned to us. We try to have all colors for all of our collections but please provide us with your phone number to contact you if your color is currently out of stock. You may call and speak to a sales consultant during normal business hours who will be happy to assist you with our current sample inventory.

Q: Which manufacturers do we primarily use?

A: We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer of Redford House, Oly Studio, British Traditions, Seabrook Classics, Bradshaw Kirchofer, Currey and Compoany, Old Biscayne Designs and Uwharrie Chair Company along with other manufacturers of this fine caliber. Each piece is hand-finished using time-tested techniques alongside modern production methods using wood from manged forests. We also use other manufacturers that exhibit the fine caliber of these established companies. All of our pieces are made in the United States with the exception of our Traditional Heirloom Collection, European Vintage Collection and European Classics Collection which is committed to the sustainability of global resources and has implemented a "1 for 1" replanting program to replace every tree that is consumed to produce their products.

Q: What kind of wood is the furniture made of?

A: Our OBD Designs Collection is made from Maple with solid wood construction. Our Cottage Collection is made from Select Pine with solid wood construction. Our Cottage House Collection is made from Alder and solid hardwood with solid wood construction. Our Coastal Cottage Collection uses all wood construction -- painted pieces are made from Poplar and Birch and stain grade pieces are made from White Pine. While every effort is made to seal pine knots before applying painted finishes, knots will occasionally "bleed" through, particularly on paler colors. This is a normal result of the aging process, adding both charm and character to your unique piece, and is not considered a defect. Our Outdoor Furniture Collection uses either premium polymer which is a recycled pre-consumer vinyl or pressure treated pine which is milled from a renewable resource: plantation grown southern pine. It requires no additional protection from exposure to weather and will remain structurally sound for years to come. Our European Classics Collection  and European Vintage Collection are hand made primarily from mahogany, a hard solid wood and a sustainable solution for eco-effective design and construction. For sound construction, our European Reproduction Collection is constructed of a combination of pine with other woods like maple, poplar, birch and select hardwood sheet goods. Some European Reproduction Collection painted pieces may include engineered wood. This practice, very common in antique furniture, may result in finish variations. These variations are not defects and contribute to the character, singularity and charm of each individual piece. Contact customer service with inquiries concerning the woods used for individual items.

Due to the unique finish process and the natural variance in lacquer dye lots, color may vary from piece to piece. Therefore, if considering an order of more than one piece for a room, we recommend it be done at the same time to minimize these variances.

Q: How does an antique reproduction differ from standard furniture in your European Collections?

A: Our new furniture is made to look old. Companioning different woods, hand finishes that may vary from piece to piece, distressing and other such characteristics add to the authentic look, uniqueness and charm of each piece. This old world charm cannot be compared with a more standard style of furniture. Each item from our european collections is hand-made from start to finish. Many traditional "Old World" methods are used in the construction of these unique pieces. The individual workmanship may cause slight differences in measurements and finish. This wood product constantly responds to its environnment, therefore, the furniture has a subtle distressed look. Some splitting, cracking chipping and glazing may occur. We, and the vast majority of our customers, think the imperfect nature of the wood and finishing methods create an antique but spirited look that is part of the charm and appeal of the product. Please be aware that these blemishes and imperfections are non-structural in nature and are to be expected.

Q: How do I care for my wood furniture?

A: Wood furniture will shrink and expand with changes in humidity. Extreme temperatures and humidity changes will ruin wood. Try to keep the humidity in your home at a consistent level all year long. Avoid placing the piece too close to a heat source (radiator or fireplace) and keep it out of continuous direct sunlight. These conditions will cause the wood to dry out and subsequently split. The best way to dust your furniture is to use a clean, washable cloth made of soft, lint-free cotton. Proper care of your furniture will ensure that your piece will become an heirloom for future generations.

Q: What are the multi-process finishes and distressing options?

A: Our OBD Designs Collection offers four distress levels at no additional charge: None, Level 1, Level 3 and Level 5. If a distress level is not specified, our artisans will apply a Level 3. Our Cottage House Collection offers three distress levels at no additional charge: None (please note that natural characteristics are part of a wood product), Regular and Heavy. Our European Reproduction Collection consists of the following three painted finishes: Standard Finish with No Distress, Medium Distress with fine crackle and subtle distressing at the points of normal wear and Premium Distress with a 21 step faux finish with a wonderful combination of fine crackle and distress along with darker glaze and characteristics of a time worn painted finish. Our Cottage Collection offers three distress and wear levels at no additional charge: None, Regular and Heavy. If a distress level is not specified, our artisans will apply Regular Wear and Distress. Stains have no wear, only distress. Our Coastal Cottage Collection offers Solid Painted Paints (no additional charge) along with Rubbed Finishes and Stains.

Q: Can I customize my furniture piece with Two Colors or make minor modifications to my specific needs?

A: Most of our pieces can be customized with Two colors and depending on the collection may be subject to an extra charge. Our Cottage Collection also offers you an exclusive Vertical Stripe or 3 Color option. Contact us if you are interested in this option. Even though Coach Barn offers many items, we understand your need for customization for specific needs. That is why Coach Barn is happy to offer you custom design services. Our sales consultants will work closely with you and the craftsmen to create your one of a kind piece in accordance with the specifications and drawings you provide us. All sales are final and must be accompanied by a check to proceed with the production of your custom piece.

Q: What are the characteristics of English Pine Light, Highlands Pine and Stripped Pine in your European Reproduction Collection?

A: English Pine Light is pine that has been sanded and waxed. As it ages the piece becomes deeper in color and the knots darken somewhat. Highlands Pine like English Pine Light features the natural character of the wood. Unlike English Pine Light, which is waxed only, Highlands Pine is a lacquer finish, deeper in color, glazed and waxed. In addition, random distress markings highlighted by the glaze gives it a beautiful "rich" authentic look. Stripped Pine offers a buffed appearance with knots that are less prominent. The multi-step process on pine is finished with a dark hand-applied heavy wax. This finish adds depth to the character of the pine and gives it a patina and authentic aged look that ordinarily could only be achieved after many years of waxing and aging over time.

Q: Do I have hardware options?

A: Yes, Coach Barn offers a number of attractive hardware options at no extra charge with our OBD Designs Collection, Cottage House Collection and European Reproduction Collection. Please make sure you indicate your preference of hardware at the time the order is submitted. Otherwise, we reserve the right to select the most appropriate hardware for your piece. Our Cottage Collection comes standard with Wood Knobs and for an additional charge you can select Glass Knobs. Our Coastal Cottage Collection comes standard with Wood Knobs and for an additional charge you can select Shell Knobs or Starfish Knobs, Bail Handles and Brass Handles.

Q: What kitchen island options are available?

A: You can increase the functionality of your kitchen island in our European Reproduction Collection with options such as a Trash Pull-Out, Chef's Tool Drawer, Chef's Prep Station, Cutlery Drawer, Spice Drawer, Knife Drawer and Cookware Pull-Out which are available on most styles for an additional cost. Most of the kitchen islands from our HR Designs Collection are shipped within 72 hours.

Q: Do you have any pieces in "stock"?

A: All pieces are custom made to order with the color and finish that you select and most are not in stock. Some of our collections have onhand stock that are available for immediate delivery (such as our Maison Collection, French Market Collection, Bliss Collection, European Zen Collection, European Vintage Collection and HR Designs Collection). Many pieces have a production time of 3-4 weeks while others can take 8-12 weeks. Call us for latest lead time and for availability of rush orders.

Q: Will the delivery driver bring my furniture in my home?

A: Residential Deliveries: Most furniture pieces from our Cottage Collection, Cottage House Collection, OBD Designs Collection, Coastal Cottage Collection and Traditional Heirloom Collection includes inside placement by trained and experienced crews who will contact you by phone prior to your delivery date. Furniture pieces from our European Reproduction Collection, European Classics Collection and European Vintage Collection are curbside delivery with prior phone notification and our European Classics Collection includes driveway delivery. You must contact us prior to placing your order for additional services (if available). Coach Barn is not held responsible for services not performed by the carrier that were not included at the time the order was placed. Smaller furniture pieces are shipped by Fed Ex or UPS Freight and does not include inside placement. For our customers who want additional services such as uncrating, inside placement in your room of choice or other white glove services, please contact us for availability, pricing and  information regarding these services prior to placing your order.

Q: How can I obtain the status of my order?

A: Go to the Customer Service, Account Information page. This page lists all your orders. Click the date of the order whose status you wish to view. Sometimes our website does not reflect the current status so feel free to contact us for your current order status.